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Study Trip 2018!

Dear All!Plaatje wegwijzers

Ready to travel the world?

Do you like to discover new countries? And are you interested in how other cultures deal with the current medical natural problems?

You can experience both if you join the study trip from Mens in 2018!

More information about the destination, the dates and the costs will follow soon! Check our site for the latest details!

We are going to South Korea!

As you all may know, once in two years a large study trip to a distant destination will be organised. This study trip is planned for the first two weeks of the fifth period (March/April 2016). We are proud to present that the 2016 study trip will go to South Korea!

South Korea might not be the most obvious destination, but it will surprise you in a positive way. South Korea is a unique country which is, besides the numerous traditional aspects, integrated into the modern and ‘Western’ culture. Its capital city, Seoul, is one of the largest cities of the world and may call itself a metropole.
South Korea is advanced in the development of several techniques. International companies such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai find their roots in South Korea. In addition, South Korea is advanced in the medical field. They are able to purchase the newest techniques, so the development of an advanced medical approach is possible. And last but not least, they have a Technical University, which we will hopefully visit.

For the real carnivores among us, it is good to mention that South Korea is a beef specialist, and beef is available for you for just a few euros. In general, a complete meal is not that expensive either. The dominant religion is Buddhism, which is also largely recognized in the street scene. In brief: South Korea is a mix of ancient traditions and techniques and is leading in the modern developments. Altogether, you cannot miss this once of a lifetime opportunity!

Who may register for this trip?
This study trip is especially organised for students which are, at the moment the trip takes place, third year or higher. This means, second years and higher are allowed to subscribe when the registrations are opened. In this tour is room for about 25 students (including committee members). And the students are in company of some teachers who we will ask to attend.

If there are more applications than places, a selection will take place. (We hope this is not necessary, but nevertheless to inform you about our procedure.) Firstly, this selection will take into account whether you have been on a large study trip before (Japan, Singapore etc.). Secondly, your motivation to join this trip, your (past) activities in the student union Mens and your number of ECTs per study year. The last three selection criteria will be calculated in even weight. Though, this will only be applied when there are too many applications, so do not be afraid and subscribe! (Nothing ventured, nothing gained.)

When is the registration opened?
You can register from May 18th until May 31st .

Where to subscribe?
On the website of SSMNW:

What are the costs?
The expenses will be 800 euro per person. That will probably not enough to bear the costs of the entire trip, so we are trying to manage some case studies. A case study is a task in a company or other organisation which will produce money. This supplies the committee money of which additional things can be organised in the South Korea trip. This will cost approximately 20 hours of work (two and a half day) per person. When you subscribe to this tour you are obliged to do such a case study, should we find one for you. The more case studies we achieve, the more money we get to spend at our trip and the less you have to pay for during the trip. Of course your preferences and vacancy will be kept in mind.

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Questions left or just curious about our trip? E-mails can be send to or contact one of the committee members.