About us

The Foundation for Study Tours Medical Natural Sciences (Dutch: Stichting Studiereizen Medische Natuurwetenschappen, short SSMNW) was founded to organize an educative, enriching and inspiring study tour for students in Medical Natural Sciences (MNS) every two years. Both the Bachelor and Master programs MNS at the VU University Amsterdam consist of a unique combination of exact, life and medical sciences. The organized study tours will focus on the main themes that the Medical Natural Sciences comprehend: Medical Physics (with Medical Physics we also mean Biomedical Physics or Biomedical Engineering), Physics of Life, Medical Clinical Diagnostics and Medical Physiology.

 The foundation has organized three study tours so far. In 2008 Switzerland was the destination and in 2010 the United States of America. Singapore was the destination of 2012. In twelve days a group of twenty-four students and two supervisors made nine visits to knowledge institutions. This tour was assessed very positive by all participants (both students and supervisors) and forms a good base of experience for new study tours. In April 2014 Japan was visited. A full report of this trip can be found here. The most recent study tour took place in March/April 2016, of which a report can be read here.

 The next study tour will take place in 2018.